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Final Chapter: Years of Guilt


Everyone remained where they were; the villains, the Digi-Destined, the Digimon, all of them, even after the brightness of the explosions over the mountains faded out. It was such a tragedy for all of them.
Gray lost his Digimon, Davis and Ex-Veemon lost the ones they loved, and of course, TK’s death was already devastating enough to the Digi-Destined.
Gray grasped his sword tightly and glared furiously at the Digi-Destined. “YOU!!!” he thundered “You will pay for Soarmon’s defeat!”
Shade agreed, and so did Blastarmon, but suddenly their power suits and Blastarmon began to glow softly. “What’s happening?!” cried Shade. “My power is weakening!” said Blastarmon.
“Hey, look at the Digi-Port!” said Tai.
“It’s glowing!” added Matt.
Surely enough, the portal-was glowing, and in a bright flash in reverted back to the way it once was. The Firewall had been deactivated, and the
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Chapter 14: Sorrowful Sacrifices!


Wolcramon landed in a clearing a few mountains from where the base was. Shatora hopped off her back and made sure they weren’t followed. “I think the coast is clear.” she said “Follow me…”
“Where is this secret entrance of yours?” Wolcramon asked. Shatora didn’t respond, but just felt along some rocks sticking out of the ground, until finally she found the right rock she was looking for and lifted it up with ease, showing it wasn’t real, and beneath it was a sealed door.
Shatora explained, “This leads to a tunnel that connects to a secret door inside the base. I always knew there’d have to be a secret entrance.”
Soon, the two entered the tunnel and made their way down the long pass, and emerged inside the base though a secret panel in the wall, just as Shatora promised, and of course the whole place was deserted.
“We have made it!” cried Wolcramon. “Okay, let’s
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Chapter 13: Betrayal


Poor Kari never felt so scared in her life as Shatora prepared to shoot her, and injure her, but not kill her. TK was mortified, but still sore from brawling with Davis, and with the others still holding him and his friends down, he couldn’t do a thing.
However, as she pulled the trigger, her gun didn’t fire. “Ah!” she cried as her suit began to glow.
The automated voice warned her and the others, “Warning: Power Depleted… Automatic shutdown engaging” and with that, all their suits powered down, and their weapons disappeared.
“It worked!” cried Izzy “They’ve used up all their power.”
“We still have our Digimon.” Cody pointed out. The team of super-charged Digimon stood tall and fierce. “He’s right…” said Digmon “We can still take you guys on.”
All the other Digimon agreed.
“But why…?!” Kari cried “Why is all t
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Chapter 12: Hacking In


The Digi-Destined’s Digimon were growing exhausted. The flying Digimon had been going in complete circle passes all afternoon, but every mountain they observed didn’t look any different from any of the others.
“I’m starting to think that this was a crazy idea.” said Tentomon.
Biyomon flopped onto a rock. Her wings were so tired she could barely lift them. “This is hopeless. There’s not a sign of anything unusual that would indicate a base on these mountains.”
Patamon suddenly had a theory, “Maybe… the base isn’t exactly ON the mountains, but INSIDE one of them.”
The others all felt that would certainly make a difference, “Only now it makes our search harder than ever.” groaned Tentomon.
Suddenly, Patamon saw something coming their way. “Quick, get down!” he cried softly pushing his friends behind some tall rocks.
Peeking ever so softly over the rocks, they saw Shade an
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Chapter 11: Odd Proposals


Sonya led the Digi-Destined to her condo house that she shared with Yuri and Anna while they went through college.
Yuri and Anna were delighted to see Sora and meet the rest of the gang. They too, just like Sonya, could also speak English somewhat well, but the first they did was treat their friends to a warm fire and a nice meal of piroshki and borscht.
Sora took one bite and one sip, and she felt bedazzled. “Do you have any idea how long I waited to this?” she sighed, remembering how she and Yolei missed their chance to partake during the Digital globetrot years ago.
“You enjoy, I make plenty more.” said Yuri. Yuri was studying cuisine in college so that he could become a fine chef, “Best Russian cuisine cook in whole world.” he put it.
Anna was studying to be a doctor, and TK couldn’t have felt more relieved when she helped his sore leg by rubbing a special medical cream on it. “Wow! Most of the pain is gone. I c
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(Anime North 2017) Twilight Sparkle SLAIN by Dakari-King-Mykan (Anime North 2017) Twilight Sparkle SLAIN :icondakari-king-mykan:Dakari-King-Mykan 2 0
Chapter 10: Over the Top, and Over You


In the city of Moscow, Russia, at a cyber café, one of the lone computers at an empty table began to pulsate much to everyone’s confusion, and suddenly a whole gang of people appeared through the screen, crashing on top of one another in a huge pile, to all the patrons’ surprise and shock.
“Watch it!”
“Get your feet out of my nose!”
“Ow, my leg…!” TK groaned.
The gang managed to pull themselves together, and noted all the people staring at them, and were all muttering in Russian. “Um… hi…” Tai said “Don’t mind us…” unfortunately the people couldn’t understand him and made confused faces.
Sora remember this when she and Yolei visited Russia.
“We’ve have to go back!” cried Matt “We left our Digimon behind!”
“We can’t…” Izzy regretted to say, and he showed everyone the Digi-Port on the computer they used.
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Chapter 9: Banishment!


Cody and Gray were sealing off Parts of the Europe. They had landed in the jungles and forest areas, and hardly ran into too much trouble, until they were ambushed by a pack of fierce Gorillamon and Mammothmon, and they all looked pretty mad and edging for a fight.
“There’s so many of them!” cried Cody.
“It’s okay…” Gray said as he grabbed his gun “Just trust in your armor. Come on!”
Cody nodded and grabbed his beam-sword rather than his gun.
“Hey, wait for us!” Digmon called.
“Right behind you…” added Soarmon.
The savage Gorillamon swung from the trees, but Gray shot the branches and vines breaking them and causing the Gorillamon to crash down where Cody was waiting for them.
“Hey fellas, look!”
“…A pint-sized runt ripe for picking!”
Cody’s features hardened as he held his beam-sword like a kendo stick, “You know, you really shouldn’t
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Chapter 8: Is it Real?


And so, the five new members were put through the basics of initiation, as well as donning their new power-suits. Yolei really liked the way hers looked. “A girl like me could really get used to this.
How’d you make out, Cody?”
Cody wasn’t as tall as the others, but luckily for him the spandex suits were adjustable, which also programed the armor to attune to the proper fitted-size of the wearer. “This feels kind of weird, but cool just the same.” He waved his beam-sword around like a kendo-stick, nearly hitting Joe, “Hey, watch where you swing that.” he cried.
Mimi liked the way her shade-visor sat on her face, really showing off the color of her hair. “I look like a secret agent in one of those cool spy-movies.”
“I don’t know; I feel more like a guy in combat video-game.” said Ken.
All their Digimon had just gone through the programing-unit that powered them up so now they were all muc
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Power Rangers Digital by Dakari-King-Mykan Power Rangers Digital :icondakari-king-mykan:Dakari-King-Mykan 8 4
Chapter 7: New Team


Davis and Ex-Veemon had just sealed off one portal and were now heading for their next destination. “These portals will seal off America.” he said “But it’ll take a while, America’s way wider than Japan is.”
“There’s the next target.” cried Ex-Veemon as he pointed down on a beach below them.
He landed safely and Davis hopped off his back, but as the two of them were about to move in towards the portal and shut it down, there was a loud rumble as the ground shook, and a Scorpiomon popped up from the sands, and he didn’t look a bit pleased. “What do you think you’re doing here?” he thundered “You’re standing right where I buried my collection of clams!”
Davis looked down by his feet and saw a few clams poking out of the sands. “Sorry about that.” He said trying to avoid trouble, but the stubborn Scorpiomon wouldn’t have it “Well “sorry”
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Chapter 6: Shatora's Story
Author's Laugh
That Rouge Author's (I won't give a name) really peeved at me for revising this fic, and to think, during our fight he said he didn't care about the fic anymore and moved on from it, (Yet he's going all postal and whining like a baby worse than I ever did) Yeah, he's a sad hypocrite (And he only digs himself deeper the way he continues to be obnoxious and rude)
Oh, well... it's his problem (He wants be a jerk to people for no good reason) not mine. Like I said: "It's what you get for being rude and hostile."


Once back at the base, Davis, Gray and their Digimon each had a recharge, and then everyone sat down to a well-deserved lunch.
The food-synthesisers we’re able to prepare just about any food and in any way they requested.
Normally, Davis would be going crazy over all the wonderful grub he could eat, but he seemed a little down and regretful.
“You’re still thinking about that girl?” Gray asked.
“Is it that ob
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Chapter 5: Cruel Confrontation


That dark figure had been watching Davis and Gray do their work since they started. “Everything is going according to schedule, and it couldn’t be finer now that those other fools are here in this world.
It won’t be too long now before the unthinkable is met. All I need now is for “Her” to return.”
The figure slipped off into the depths of the Digital World.
Meanwhile, Davis had just put up another firewall around a Digi-Port. There were no Digimon around to try and get in their way.
“Well, that just about does it.” Davis said as he checked off the map “Only two portals are left, and then all of Japan will be closed off.”
Both he and Ex-Veemon felt a little down about the idea of Japan being blocked off, knowing the others were still here in the Digi World, and following them. “You really think we should seal it all up?” Ex-Veemon asked “They won’t be able to get home without the co
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Chapter 4: Access Denied


The other Digi-Destined had searched the cliff from all over, and there had been no evidence that Davis had jumped from the cliffs, or that he was even here recently.
“We’ve been searching for two hours, he’s not here!” Cody called out. Digmon agreed, “We must’ve covered every cliff in this entire area. Believe me, I know my rocks.”
Yolei passed by, flying on Halsemon. “Any luck yet, Yolei?”
Yolei checked her D3 many times on every frequency she had, “Not a flicker. Wherever Davis is we just can’t trace him. I just don’t get it.”
Kari heard this as she stood on a cliff and clenched her fists tight, “Then we’ll just keep looking!”
The others all gawked at her. “But Kari, Davis could be anywhere.” TK pointed out. “It’ll be like looking for a needle in a haystack.” added Angemon, but Kari gave them both a stern look; the kind she only got when
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In My Backyard: Giant Skunk!! by Dakari-King-Mykan In My Backyard: Giant Skunk!! :icondakari-king-mykan:Dakari-King-Mykan 2 6
Chapter 3: Voices in the wind


Kari found it very difficult to sleep that night, her mind was so full, fixated on so many things, guilt, and shame, worry, wishing she could take back what she had said to Davis and make it up to him for hurting him in the first place.
She looked outside the window at the many lights that lit up the buildings and roads of town at night. It really looked so beautiful, and it was how she wished things could go back to being; simple, calm and nice.
“I hurt him…” she said miserably to herself. She kept wondering over and over how she could say such cruel things to a friend. It usually wasn’t even like her to become so hot-tempered and lash out like that, not even like the time when she scolded him for trash talking about his sister; that was pretty much understandable, but overreacting to how he was overreacting…
…it was understandable why she would lose her temper and balk at him, but no matter how hard she tried to think otherwis
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